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NRMA releases breakdown data for the North Coast

NRMA data revealed today that patrols attended almost 48,000 breakdowns across the North Coast of NSW in 2020, while battery problems continue to dominate breakdowns across NSW.

Of the almost 850,000 breakdowns attended by NRMA patrols over the last 12 months almost half (46%) were related to battery failure, according to new data released by the NRMA.

Analysis of 848,650 breakdowns from March 2020 to February 2021 found that batteries dominated the reasons for calling an NRMA patrol on the side of the road. Other major breakdown causes in a year of roadside service heavily affected by the COVID pandemic included:

– Batteries (46%)

– Wheels and tyres (14%)

– Electrical (8%)

– Cooling system (4%)

– Fuel injection (3%)

Over the same time frame NRMA patrols rescued 1,874 children and pets locked in cars and repaired 326 immobile wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Of the 848,650 breakdowns attended by NRMA patrols 90 per cent got the Member back on the road again without the need for a tow and the average waiting time was 40 minutes. These performance levels are among the highest globally.