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NRL’s season launch ‘on fire’

Geoff Helisma |

It was a phone call “out of the blue” when Jessica Robertson was contacted by the producers of the National Rugby League’s (NRL) 2019 season launch video, Exit Films.

With its campaign theme, A new era begins, the NRL says “the next generation of NRL talent will be in the spotlight in 2019”, following the retirement of some of the game’s greats.

The Lower Clarence photographer, videographer and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operator, said Exit Films had contacted Sunshine Sugar to tee-up the filming of a cane fire burn for the 90-second video.

Ms Robertson said Sunshine Sugar had advised Exit Films that they would require a drone to obtain some of the footage they wanted and recommended her for the job.

“We met at the Harwood Sugar mill and I shot a nearby cane fire,” she said.

“Then we shot one at Woombah after dark; that’s the footage Exit Films used.”

Ms Robertson’s footage, which was shot in early December 2018, is only a second or two of the video (at timestamp 1.04); however, there are also other cane fire shots (not Ms Robertson’s) taken from ground level.