Not your normal musical

Ed, Talk about an emotional roller-coaster. Opening night of Next to Normal certainly lived up to expectations, and then some! No doubt about it, I was out of my comfort zone, chuckling one minute, blinking back tears the next. The multi-talented members of the cast were indeed convincing. An ordinary family facing extraordinary difficulties, attempting to cope with serious mental illness. The audience was carried on a journey of discovery. We felt the pain, the joy, the confusion, the hurt, the anger. But through it all, we felt the abiding love. Each performer sang with such conviction and skill, ably accompanied by a small band of consummate musicians. I hesitate to single out any one performer such was the cohesiveness of this seriously talented troupe. I for one will spend time mulling over the thoughts and emotions brought about by this powerful, confronting production. Thank you, Pelican Playhouse, for enabling the Clarence Valley to witness such skill and professionalism. Joan Moy South Grafton