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North Coast Community College helping to ‘Tech Savvy Seniors’

North Coast Community College can arrange dedicated training to suit your needs. Do you need to learn how to operate a computer or an iPad, use Microsoft Word, Excel or MYOB? Perhaps you may prefer one-on-one instruction? If you are an employer, did you know the College can deliver courses at your workplace tailored to the specific needs of your employees?
Our Term 3 course program includes new lifestyle courses; macramé (create your own dreamcatcher) and clay fundamentals.
The College offers students a diverse array of Nationally Recognised Qualifications including certificate courses and workskills training that reflects business opportunities in our region, across areas including; aged care, business administration, hospitality, first aid and construction. Our technology courses, including Tech Savvy Seniors, continue in popularity with students of all ages.
With all these possibilities and opportunities, now is the perfect time to recharge your life and your career. Visit to see our latest technology, career, lifestyle, and workskills courses commencing soon, or call us on 6628 5426.
North Coast Community College Tutor, Tommy Brogden, discusses the process and outcomes for those considering undertaking a Tech Savvy Seniors course.
In Term 3 we are offering a diverse range of Tech Savvy Seniors courses to assist seniors, over the age of 60, with affordable training to help overcome their fears of accessing technology. Courses include introduction to; Computers, Android, Smartphone & Tablet, iPad and iPhone (as well as iPad and iPhone 2), Social Media, Computer Fundamentals as well as our popular Introduction to Online Shopping and Banking.
Q: Approaching the use of technology is a nerve-wracking experience for many seniors. What would you say to those wanting to learn, but have been too intimidated to begin?
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the world of computers and information technology, particularly around the language, terminology and jargon that’s used. In all things, confidence comes from familiarity and the more you do something, the more confident you become. So I suggest starting small with easy tasks and repeating them until you become confident. Then, start another new task until you become confident with that. Don’t try to do too much and grow your confidence slowly. And if you start to stress out or want to throw your device out the window, take a break, a walk, do some gardening or make a cuppa and them come back with a calm mind.
Q: What’s the best way to prepare for participating in one of your courses?
Information on the courses is included in multi-language handouts available on the Telstra Tech Savvy For Seniors website here: I recommend going there if you can to get some background knowledge and familiarise yourself with the language and terminology that’s used. When you attend a training session, ensure you bring your mobile phone, pad or laptop device, so the session can be tailored to suit your needs.
Q: Can you share some examples of successful outcomes of those who participated in your courses?
At every session I facilitate, there’s always at least one person who has that ‘light bulb’ moment, when they realise they can overcome a barrier that has been stopping them, often for years! When I’m able to support someone to overcome these kinds of blocks, I feel their elation, relief and confidence.