North Coast

Healthy North Coast NSW Covid-19 vaccination rate by LGA 11 October 2021

North Coast becoming a ‘community with immunity’ as travel restrictions ease

  • Increasing vaccination rates mean North Coast residents are better prepared as visitors arrive
  • 88% of those aged 16 and over across the North Coast have now had their first dose, ahead of the national average of 82%
  • 60% of people in the North Coast region are now fully vaccinated, almost on par with the national average of 62%.

‘I want to personally thank the whole community for their strong support for getting vaccinated and health providers for making it possible,’ said Ms Julie Sturgess, Chief Executive Office of Healthy North Coast.

‘With the recent easing of travel restrictions, and having people visit our region again, we can feel confident that the majority of our residents will have been vaccinated.

‘While this doesn’t mean people won’t get COVID, they are better protected from serious disease and the risk of hospitalisation.

‘We’re certainly moving towards being a “community with immunity”.’