No wildlife corridors!


As more and more lands are cleared for housing, I see the species carnage left on the side of roads.

Kangaroo, wallaby, possum, glider, echidna, bandicoot, turtle to name a few.

I agree there is a housing crisis, but the regulations, as in how land is developed is outdated and unintelligent.

As humans in these changing times we must adapt, merge and change with them, finding alternative solutions to how we create communities.

The current clear-fell /bulldoze all for new estates is a thing of the past and does not support species and environment.

Wildlife corridors are imperative for all manner of species, plus fragile ecosystems that can never be replaced.

I suggest smaller dwelling alternatives built from, Aircrete, Hempcrete, Hebel block, and/or recycled materials.

Green spaces in a new estate made compulsory, as in old growth trees/hollows/habitats protected.

I would like to see the new council town planning address these issues forthwith.

Imagine if someone put 3 huge fences around your house and you only had one exit option to leave, and that option was either through a busy highway, an agricultural farm or the ocean.

Our wildlife is facing this on a daily basis, with golf courses, football grounds, sports centres, and other native spaces disappearing.

Sara Mccafferty, Lanitza