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No medals at Goondiwindi

Despite the fact that no wins were achieved, an absolutely fabulous weekend was had by Grafton swimmers at Goondiwindi. Steve Donnelly and Toni Ensbey made the semi finals of the 50m freestyle. Jenny Vickery and Doug Ensbey reached the semi finals of the 30m, with Doug progressing to the final. Doug, unfortunately, busted in this event, probably due to the cheering being cast his way by fellow team mates. Steve also claimed 2nd place in the 60-64 years 30m championship and Grafton’s team, consisting of Wilson Burns, Steve Donnelly and Toni and Doug Ensbey were placed 3rd in the 4 x 50m 200 years plus relay. The storms that seem to appear every Tuesday, once again threatened last week, but thankfully didn’t eventuate. Grant Madden, home from Darwin, was welcomed back to the fold prior to the swim commencing. Taj O’Mahony, one of our consistent junior competitors, made it to the final of the 50m. He was swimming against his Pop, Doug Ensbey, and also Bruce and Tyler Durrington and Richard Sear. The adrenaline levels must have been running high because the judge announced three disqualifications in this race. Bruce, Tyler and Taj all bombed out, giving the win to Searsy, who swam a perfect time. Doug took 2nd place. In the 30m freestyle final, Tyler Durrington was back in action, along with Toni Ensbey, Bob Owen and Steve Donnelly. Toni, still feeling the effects of the weekend competition, was surprised when she won this event. Bob came in second and Steve took 3rd place. Using the lane ropes to get back to the start, Toni fronted up for her second final in the 30m B B & B. Also in the water were Bruce Durrington, Peter Le Breton and Jenny Vickery. Peter and Jenny fought out this event with Peter crossing the line just a fraction ahead of Jenny. Alas, they both busted their times, leaving a slightly slow time recorded by Bruce, to be good enough to gain him the win. Toni, swimming an even slower time, took 2nd place. Toni Ensbey