No cats at James Street subdivision

Dear Ed,

I commend Cr. Greg Clancy for his recommendation that owners of blocks on this proposed large lot residential subdivision not be allowed to have cats on their new block in this subdivision (CVI 2/9/20).

For many people cats are wonderful, treasured pets. However, left to their own devices, cats wreak additional tremendous havoc to our bird populations, which are already in considerable decline due to the great habitat-loss resulting from the Black Summer Bushfires which were exacerbated by climate change.

My thanks also to Cr Karen Toms for her suggestion for responsible cat ownership:”I love cats…..they should be kept inside at all times.”

Responsible cat ownership. Would that local cat lovers at least keep their cats locked in at night, when cats are such effective hunters. 

I looked out of the window early one  morning this week to see no birds around but instead, a cat sitting in our garden and sure enough, near by, a small, sad pile of feathers.

It disturbs me greatly that some people even today have so little regard for the natural world and its miraculous creatures that give so much pleasure to other local residents.

All the best in the future you choose for wild creatures without a vote in their future.


Harry Johnson, Iluka