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Ed, The news that the Liberal Party will not contest the seat of Wagga Wagga at the next election confirms that Premier Berejiklian has little interest in regional NSW. Wagga Wagga is a seat the Liberals held since the 1950s. But despite this, their decision to give up on it is no real surprise because the Berejiklian Government, in their heart of hearts, just doesn’t care about regional communities. It is a government obsessed with wasting billions on Sydney stadiums while also presiding over the shambles that the Sydney light rail has become. This exclusive focus on Sydney follows the disastrous forced council mergers and the greyhound ban that were imposed on regional communities without any consultation. In contrast, I guarantee that Labor will contest every one of the 93 seats in the NSW Parliament because I’m interested in governing for every community in our state. If Labor is elected, my priorities will be schools, hospitals, TAFEs and libraries, and creating local jobs with a $4.1 billion Regional Jobs Fund. Luke Foley MP Leader of the Opposition