No Brushgrove “free booting”

Kay Spurr’s letter to the editor (CVI 2/11/16) could win an award for fiction writing. Some in the community of Brushgrove could be excused for believing Kay’s letter, which prompts me to write about facts. This community is proud to share the facilities provided with visitors and mostly are offended by Kay’s remarks.
There is a sign as you enter Brushgrove, “REST AREA”, a place that welcomes travellers to take a break, a place where maybe there’s a need to attend to medication before driving on. They are seasoned travellers, not “free booters”, often members of caravan associations, conscious of enjoying and respecting the sites they visit.
Kay, we must dispute your claims after talking to the people that are qualified to give us the facts.
Alan Eggins has been caretaking The Triangle, toilets, barbecues, and play area, mostly in his own time, for ten plus years, that I know of. He receives $25 per week for his effort, plus he is responsible for maintenance and public liability with no added clean up costs to council.
I am one of the many “we the residents” who have never lost the use of our community park and those who live near it, as I do, always have a pleasant outlook over the park, not the “free booting” camping ground as Kay describes it.
The “no camping” sign you mention does not refer to caravans and has been there for years.
Phil McCure, Brushgrove