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Newly elected Mayor a popular choice

Emma Pritchard

Following Ian Tiley’s election as the new Mayor of Clarence Valley Council (CVC), the Clarence Valley Independent spoke to several members of our community and asked them to share their thoughts of the recent announcement.

Peter Forrester: I think electing Ian Tiley as our new mayor was a great choice. He brings substantial leadership, knowledge and experience to our council and he will lead with wise guidance. His visions for the future are exactly what our community need, and I was especially pleased to hear how committed he is to rebuilding trust. The people of the Clarence Valley need a council we can rely on to do the right thing by us and to listen and respect us as a united community. I reckon we’ll see some big improvements across the board within the next 6 months and frankly, I’m really impatient to see the new changes that are coming because I think they’ll be rippers.

Julia Kennedy: Wonderful choice, absolutely wonderful choice. We have a new council, a new mayor and a progressive future ahead of us. I think the councillors chose wisely, although I would have welcomed Debrah Novak as our new mayor too as she encompasses a wonderful community spirit, and she is a very passionate and forward-thinking woman who demonstrates a strong commitment to the Clarence Valley.

Alicia Morgan: I don’t pay too much attention to council, but I know a lot of people are really happy with the new councillors that have been elected. My parents are both really happy Ian Tiley is our new mayor.

Debbie Pieterson: The new council have a big job ahead of them to regain trust and appreciation from a lot of locals, but I do believe Ian Tiley is the best person to lead the way. He is sharp as a tack and a very intelligent councillor. It’s the beginning of a new era for Clarence Valley Council.

Janice Wilson: I’m over the moon. Councillor Tiley has dedicated more than 50 years to local government, and he is exactly what this community needs. He emphasises the need to get out amongst the community and to talk to people and to listen to them. That’s exactly what we want. We want strong leadership. We want someone who takes the concerns of the community on board and acts in the best interests to address them. I think we have elected a really committed council and we have a strong mayor who has taken the reins. It’s fantastic.

Ebonee Falstone: I was really hoping Greg Clancy would be chosen as our new mayor because he cares deeply about social justice and the absolute importance of protecting and preserving our environment. He is fighting to keep mining out of the Clarence Valley and out of our catchment and he really understands the unique biodiversity which surrounds us.

Ashton Kvonic: I’m not a local, but I have family who live in Yamba, and they’re really excited to have Ian Tiley as the new mayor. A lot of my friends in the area wanted to see Debrah Novak become our next mayor because she has a big following, but they’re all happy she’s been re-elected.