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New seat belt-fitted buses arrive on the mid-north coast

Busways has unveiled seat belt-fitted buses that will service schools in its mid-north coast regions from this month.

The seat belt-fitted buses are part of Transport for NSW’s planned investment in the installation of seatbelts on buses dedicated to school runs in regional areas.

As part of the plan, it is intended buses in rural and regional areas will gradually be fitted with seatbelts.

By law, all bus drivers and passengers must use the seat belts in any vehicle that is fitted with them and each person must use their own.

Drivers will undertake training covering seatbelt regulations and their responsibilities and will verbally remind students to fasten their seat belts. Buses will start rolling out from February with more seat belt-fitted buses to join the fleet in the coming months.
Busways’ mid-north coast regions include Grafton and Yamba.

Busways has always been an advocate for measures that improve safety on and around buses and is continually monitoring and improving vehicle safety features where possible.

Recent safety innovation introduced by Busways includes the addition of a modernised evacuation side door on these Volvo model seat belt-fitted buses.

The bus model is also fitted with an engine retarder that works to slow the vehicle down as the accelerator pedal is released. The control mechanism is an innovative addition to the newer buses.