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The Maclean Services Club’s new manager Steven Fraser said that he is settling in well to his new role. Image: Lynne Mowbray

New manager for Maclean Services Club

Lynne Mowbray |

The Maclean Services Club’s has welcomed the appointment of their new manager Steven Fraser.
Mr Fraser took over the role of manager from former secretary/manager Sharon Shankland, who retired at the end of last year.

Mr Fraser said that he had previously held the position of CEO at the Coffs Ex-Services Club for a period of 13 years before leaving to try out other fields; in brokering, franchising and also trading on the stock market, which he continues to do.

“I was looking around to find a position at other clubs when this one came up,” Mr Fraser said.
“I liked the fact that this was a services club, which is what I’d come from.
“I like to make sure that people are looked after well with food and drinks etc and I like the ambience and people associated with the services clubs.
“It’s one of those industries that just draws you back every time.
“I’m focused on the club and what we can do here and I’m looking to put things into place to help improve the club and try and look at new developments.
“You’ve always got to think outside the square.
“The team of people here are fabulous; they are really dedicated, good staff and that came from previous managers who have trained them up.
“I enjoy the industry and I’m looking forward to offering something back,” he said.