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New Lions group to care for the valley’s environment

Meanwhile, a group is forming to address issues like those Mr Otton has raised; such as ensuring wildlife corridors are effectively established, and broader environmental and ecological concerns.

“Under the banner of Lions Club International, the group will be known as the ‘Lions Club of the Clarence Environmental’,” treasurer, Barbara Linley, said.

“The new group has written a submission to Clarence Valley Council (CVC) asking for a speed reduction in the emu corridor, from 100kph to 80kph, and to mark that section of the road with double lines,” she said.

“Our mission is to highlight the importance of biodiversity in the Clarence and work towards protecting and preserving threatened species.

“The overall goal is to halt the decline and help preserve threatened flora and fauna in the Clarence.”

Ms Linley said she was hoping that signs could be painted onto the road, “like on the back road to Lismore, which says, ‘koalas ahead’”.

The group is not yet officially formed; however, this will be completed when the new specialty group is formally chartered as part of the Lions organisation.

In the meantime, people who are interested in joining the Lions Club of the Clarence Environmental can contact secretary, Ant Van Haren, at [email protected] or 0491 731 875.


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