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New home for Computer Club

The Clarence Valley Seniors Computer Club advises that the club will be relocating into new premises, but in the meantime, classes are still available at 48 River Street Maclean.   The club’s rooms are located in the building on the topside of the Civic Hall.

The club offers seniors a range of computer lessons for beginners to those that are looking for more advance sills. The club has classes for seniors who need help with mobile phones, iPads, Tablets and even lessons on smart televisions.

One of the most popular interests for seniors is searching and learning more about their family history. For an example do you know the difference between ancestry research and genealogy research? Ancestry research is the family tree with an emphasis on dates. Genealogy research involves collecting historical records and documentation that delve into who the people were.

The senior’s computer club has members that can help, directing you to the most helpful websites.

Phone the club on 6645 4005 during business hours to learn how the club can assist seniors who need help to manage their digital devises.

Remember you are never too old to learn. Make the effort by stepping out of your comfort zone into the world of new discovery.

The senior’s computer club is here to help. Phone 6645 4005.  

Bob MacPherson