ABOVE: Pennant Skip Joan Scadden consults her third, Judy Abbott.

New ‘Green’ Princess for Yamba

ABOVE: Pennant Skip Joan Scadden consults her third, Judy Abbott.
ABOVE: Pennant Skip Joan Scadden consults her third, Judy Abbott.


New Princess of the Green at YWBC, Sandy Owen, last week wrested the crown from Glynis Hall in a real struggle for supremacy.
Sandy got away to a great start, shutting Glynis out for the first four ends to take a 6-0 lead, but from there on Glynis dug in, and it became a see-sawing game, with first one then the other player dominating at different stages. Both ladies played some great draw bowls in the difficult conditions.
After 18 ends, the score was just in Sandy’s favour, 17-16, and from there to its conclusion it was a tense battle. After Glynis seemed to be making a comeback with three singles to get it to 20-23, it seemed she might have the momentum.
But Sandy stood up under pressure and a 3 on the next end sealed victory for her in what was a very good game. Congratulations Sandy.
These Queen and Princess of the Green competitions are providing great opportunities for members to hone their skills for the singles game, and to practise drawing under match conditions.
On Tuesday March 8 and Thursday 10 both Pennant and social bowls were played at the club. On Tuesday, the Lucky Rink winners prize went to the Yamba Pennant team skipped by Chris Cole. New Princess Sandy was the lucky r/up, while her opponent, Glynis was drawn out for the Consolation prize.
Other social bowls results, Jill Miller and Bev Shatte had a singles game, with Jill just prevailing 25-23 after the scores were tied twice in the previous 4 ends; and Karen Tyler/Sandra Dorman/Gloria Davis defeated Karen Tyler/ Jan Stamp/Lily Medhurst.
E Flaherty’s visiting Pennant team from Iluka was the Lucky Rink winner on Thursday, 10th with the lucky r/up being taken out by Joan Scadden’s Yamba Pennant team. In just the one social game, Val Pate/Beryl Mills/Gabby Freeman defeated Jan Stamp/Jill Miller/Bev Shatte, who took home the Consolation prize.
It has been an interesting start to the Pennant season for our teams, with Grade 2 going well, but Grades 3 and 4 having mixed results so far.
In the current week, Grade 2 have two away games, firstly at Grafton Services, which will complete the first section, and then at South Grafton. Grade 3 will also complete their first section when they play Maclean at Maclean on Tuesday 15 and will be at home to South Grafton on 17th.
Grade 4 have a longer competition, and will this week play Round 4 at home against Grafton Services and then Round 5 at Maclean, which complete their first section.
Wendy Ballantyne