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Museum seeks shipping container

Collecting building materials for the construction of the new shed at Lawrence Museum is underway. Some second hand building materials have been acquired and tools have been donated and storage is needed for the material and tools while the building is in progress.
The Museum Committee would like to buy or borrow, if possible, a 20ft shipping container to house these items whilst the shed is being built. It is expected to take about 6 months from start to completion.
Museum President Rob Forbes explained, “The museum will only need the container for the duration of the shed construction. If we are able to borrow a container, we will pay transport costs to the museum and return.”
“The community is very supportive in our efforts to build the new shed, and we hope to begin construction in the next month”, he added, “if anyone can help, I can be contacted on 0412 705 815.”
The new shed will provide much needed protection and display for items of local historical significance.
The Lawrence Museum is open to the public on Tuesday mornings from 9am – 1pm and weekends from 1pm-4pm. More information about the museum and shed project can be seen on