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Motorists advised of reduced speed limit on the Gap Road at Woodburn

Roads and Maritime Services advises motorists that a permanent reduced speed limit will be put in place on The Gap Road at Woodburn.
“Roads and Maritime has conducted a review of the existing 100 km/h speed limit on The Gap Road, from the intersection to 4.5 kilometres east of the Pacific Highway,” said a Roads and Maritime spokesperson.
“The review was carried out in consultation with local council and in accordance with the NSW Speed Zoning Guidelines. It assessed a number of factors including roadside development, traffic characteristics and crash profiles.
“While there have been no reported crashes on this stretch of road in the four years to 2015, due to changes in roadside development and alignment, a decision has been made to reduce the speed limit to 80 km/h to improve safety for all road users.
“Signs will be in place to warn motorists of the speed limit changes as the new signs are installed by council. The signs will remain in place for at least a week after the new speed limit signs have been installed at which time the lower speed limit will be operational.”
For more information on road safety visit the Roads and Maritime Services website at