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Morse code returns for Jacaranda

The morsecodians will be back in town for the 2019 Jacaranda Festival to demonstrate the lost art of Morse code.

Morse code ceased to be used in Australian post offices for telegrams on December 3 1962. Two Morse code operators will be attending this display from Sydney. Both Tom Grainger and Brian Mullins are both from Grafton. They both left Grafton to attend the Post Master General training school, to be trained as Morse code operators. This is the last time that this training was ever conducted.

This display is once again proudly sponsored by the Telstra store Grafton. At the display children can have there names sent in Morse code. The Morsecodians now mix the old technology with the new technology and visitors to the display can type their names on a keyboard that is then shown on a screen. When you hit print on the keyboard Morse code is heard as well as printed out, so you have a souvenir to take home.

Free gifts are also available to those who stop by the display. So if you want experience the lost art of Morse Code don’t forget to stop by the display this Jacaranda Festival. 

Photo Caption: Brian Mullins (right) will once again be attending this year’s Jacaranda Festival to educate both young and old about Morse code. Image: Contributed