Morons do their best to destroy our environment

Ed, One has to wonder what sort of low-life creatures – they are not human – we are attracting to our area. The Iluka History Group, with the co-operation of local Federal MP Kevin Hogan, last week installed and unveiled an historic plaque on the north wall at Iluka to point visitors to the spot where they could view the wreckage of the Waree which sank there in 1946. One week later and something – not worthy of being recognised as a human being – had ripped the plaque from its post, breaking metal brackets to do so, and stolen the plaque. One can only ask… Why? What joy could they possibly get out of stealing something that taxpayers have funded and which could not possibly have any emotional or historic significance for them? On one hand we have volunteers striving to make Iluka a better place while, on the other hand, morons do their best to destroy our environment. The anger felt by members of the History Group is only matched by their disappointment. We can only hope that someone knows who did it and has the guts to inform the police. Karma, do your thing! Chris Richards On behalf of members of the Iluka History Group and residents of Iluka