More solar power to help address climate emergency


Not only did a half page advertisement in our local paper last month promote the value of solar power in helping to address our growing climate emergency, it also suggested a few useful suggestions under the heading “What can you do?” if you are worried about some of the pending threats that our children and grandchildren are already starting to inherit:

   Increase in frequency and intensity of bushfires.

   Mass extinction of 50% of wild vertebrate species, including koalas.

   Increase in droughts and 25% reduction in water flow in the Murray Darling Basin.

   Increase in cyclones, storm intensity and flood events (How costly will the recent extreme hurricane be to Japan?)

   Widespread inundation of low-lying coastal lands.

   Death of coral on the Great barrier Reef.

   So under the heading “What can you do?” the advertisement suggests:

   Install solar power and reduce energy consumption.

   Switch to electric vehicles.

   Stop deforestation, plant more trees and protect native habitat.

   Send a strong message to Governments and support candidates who are committed to immediate action to avert the climate crisis.

And this is exactly what all those school children around the world, who are still too young to vote, have been doing by taking  days off school. They are telling Governments and adults who voted for their Governments that they want action to avert the  climate crisis in their world now.

Harry Johnson, Iluka