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Miracles happening across Australia

On World Humanitarian Day, Thursday August 19, Australians are
uniting with the goal of giving 50,000 people blind from cataracts the
miracle of sight. It’s all part of CBM’s Miracles Day, which is being
broadcast on many community and Christian radio stations across the
country, including Loving Life in the Clarence Valley.
Worldwide, more than 60 million people have cataracts, which are the
world’s leading cause of blindness. The majority live in the world’s
poorest countries – where surgery is often out of reach.
Jane Edge, CEO of CBM Australia, says that there is a small window
of time where children with cataracts can be operated on, to avoid
permanent loss of vision.
“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on people
with disabilities living in poverty and is causing delays for many
people with compromised vision needing surgery.
“CBM is working on the ground with our partners to ensure children
and adults, who could experience irreparable damage if surgery was
delayed, are able to still receive surgery.”

“Because the cost of the surgery is out of reach for so many, CBM
and radio stations are partnering to raise the funds needed to provide
people the sight-saving surgery they need.”
Damien Fisher, station manager at Loving Life, is encouraging the
local community to give someone needlessly blind surgery to restore
their sight.
Tune into Loving Life FM103.1 or streaming through to
be part of Miracles Day and give the Miracle of sight for just $33 at or call 131 226.