North Coast

Mid-North Coast State forest visitor areas closed for Easter and school holidays

Storms, flooding and landslips have meant visitor sites in mid-north coast State forests will be closed for the Easter long weekend and school holidays.

This area includes popular areas Swans Crossing west of Kendall, Wild Bull west of Wauchope and Wattle Flat east of Armidale amongst others. Exceptions to this closure are Coopernook Forest Headquarters, following the repair to the access route, and Sealy Lookout in Coffs Harbour. The current list of closures is available at

The closures are for both visitor safety and to protect the forest infrastructure and the environment, said Forestry Corporation Partnerships Leader, Sandra Madeley. “Easter is traditionally a busy time in our camping and picnic areas, however with regret these sites need to be closed to public access,” Ms Madeley said. “Some mid-north coast areas experienced significant flooding and rainfall, which has impacted on State forest. “Forestry Corporation staff are still assessing State forest roads where safe to do so; early inspections have revealed access to many visitor sites is unsafe due to landslips and stillflowing springs.

“The sites themselves are also still soaked and we need to avoid further damage which could result from large crowds using the area over the weekends. “Even where sites still appear in good shape, we don’t want people exploring the forest until we have had time to inspect and barricade damaged roads.” Reopening the sites will be a big task following the severe and widespread wet weather. The general forest closure to forests from Taree north is still in place.

Upper catchments suffered significant road slips similar to the Oxley Highway, while lower forests closer to the coast have washed out pipes, bridges and significant damage to the road surfaces. Forestry Corporation is encouraging visitors to check out tourism partners located off-forest and support local business where possible. Other visitor sites include:  Mrs Yorks Garden featuring the recently opened lookout built from Boral Timber’s donation, under the Community Timber Partnerships program.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital will be commencing a Koala Food Tree giveaway on April 1st, with seedlings donated by Forestry Corporation 

  • Hello Koalas Bicentenary Treasure Hunt
  • Port Macquarie Museum, Forest Courtyard and newly installed Sound Post
  • Port Macquarie Bicentenary Event (10-18 April) featuring activities across the region 
  • One of many local council playgrounds featuring North Coast timbers donated by Forestry Corporation.
  • Lost plot community garden in Port Macquarie, featuring timber donated by Forestry Corporation.