Metre matters

Ed, As a local cyclist I have observed that many motorists are not aware of the extent of the new safe passing laws. While the “metre matters” slogan has become widely known, that is only half the story. The passing distance is 1.5 metres when in any zone over 60 km/hr. Many don’t realise you can (if safe to do so) cross over single or double unbroken lines to give the rider the required room. In a nutshell, you may “overtake” the cyclist (if safe), and this applies to most “painted” lines, islands etc. Of course if there is oncoming traffic, and you cannot safely pass giving the required distance, you must slow down until safe to pass. The majority of cyclists try to keep as far left as possible, at the same time local roads are often potholed, bumpy, or with crumbling edges so it is not always possible. In our area the vast majority of drivers are very considerate of us, with a noticeable improvement since the “metre matters” publicity. Bike riders are very aware of their vulnerability, contact with a vehicle results in injury or death. Cross over the lines to pass riders safely, or wait a few seconds. We will be very thankful you did. Kudos to you if you already knew. http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/campaigns/go-together/index.html Hariet Woodrow, Mororo