The friendly team at Hag Engineering and Automotive L –R Wayne Mackaway, Katrina Watson, Kurt O’Halloran and owner Bob Tonkin, are happy to help you with all your auto servicing needs. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Meet the crew at: HAG Engineering & Automotive

Is your car a little on the Haggered side?

Why not take it to the friendly staff at Hag Engineering & Automotive, Yamba?

Check out the crew.

Mechanic, Wayne Mackaway – Former employee Wayne, has recently returned to HAG Engineering and Automotive after working elsewhere for around seven years.

“I just couldn’t handle not being here and just had to come back,” he said laughing.

“I’ve been back here for about six weeks.

“It’s a great place to work and everyone gets on good!

“We’ve got a great big clean workshop, which has all the gear.

“It’s a happy crew and we all get on and the boss is unbelievable and looks after us so well.

“We are always pumping the work out and always have something to do,” he said.

Mechanic Kurt O’Halloran said that he has enjoyed working at Hag Engineering and Automotive, for the last six months.

“I did my apprenticeship and I’m two years post trade (apprenticeship),” Kurt said.

“It’s great working here as it’s close to home, here in Yamba,” he said.

Owner Bob Tonkin said that the business has been operating for 14 years.

“We offer a full service as well as looking after all the little odd jobs,” Bob said.

“I’m trying to slow up a bit and give these fellas (Wayne and Kurt) a go.

“They can take my place and I can go and work on all my old cars.

“Old cars have always been a passion of mine – old Holden’s and Chevs.

“My eye’s aren’t as good as they used to be and I just want to go and do it (restore the old cars).

“I’ve done up about half a dozen and I’m just starting to restore them now for different people, as well.

“We’ve got a great team in Wayne and Kurt and they work well together and are a good crew.

“I feel good leaving the workshop to them and they just call me in if something is wrong,” he said laughing.

“So I can work on restoring the old cars down the back of the shed and can come and go as I like. We have a lot of customers work rolling in now, that I’m enjoying fixing up for them.

“Everyone knows Katrina who runs the front desk and she keeps things running smoothly.

“The staff just nickname me “Ronnie” now and shove me down the back,” he said laughing.

“I still work on the cars and I also do some work on the fishing trawlers. I look after a couple of trawlers and work on the exhausts and hydraulics’ and just give them a hand when they need it.

“We’ve got a good team here at Hag Engineering & Automotive and they work well together.

“We keep them up to date with all their courses and try and offer people a real good service and keep the customers happy,” he said.  

HAG Engineering & Automotive is located at: Shed 1/9 Uki Street, Yamba. Call 6646 2374 to book your next service.