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Medicine music

Mapstone share their music – a blend of conscious roots, world, reggae, and folk music (of the heart, for the heart and from the heart) – at the Pacific Hotel this Friday night May 12.

“Mapstone will activate all your chakras with growling didge and bass grooves that lock onto drum and percussion rhythms, melodic guitars, folk harmonica, ukes, soaring flutes and vocals,” says the group’s bio.
The three-piece, which is sometimes party to “a forever expanding and changing group of guest musicians”, will be warming up for its second tour of Canada when it hits the boards at the Pacific Hotel this Friday night.
Chris Mapstone says the group plays “a new genre, ‘Heart/Roots’ music”, which is “infectious to the soul, uplifting and … full of joy, depth, inspiration and spirit”.
“This is a band with a mission with enough heart to see it through,” the group’s bio says, and it is “dedicated to living a life of purpose and meaning.”