Medical Apartheid in Grafton N.S.W


I attended the Grafton Shopping Centre today in order to start my Christmas shopping.

I wanted to purchase a blanket for $20.00 in Target but was denied entry. I wanted to purchase a dress in Noni B for $99.00 but was denied entry. I wanted to purchase a handbag for $50.00 at the Bag shop but was denied entry. My partner needs work boots, but I was denied entry at Big W. I wanted to purchase a cutting board for $25.00 from Robins Kitchen but was not permitted to use cash or enter the shop according to signs on the doors.

I was however permitted to enter Blooms Pharmacy where I did purchase some items which will now have to suffice as gifts for Christmas.

My partner has glued his old shoes together

What a sad and discriminatory world we now live in.

After so many years of listening to the government and media lecture us on inclusivity, diversity and equality, Medical Apartheid has taken over Australia to the detriment of not only the discriminated, but no doubt the stores themselves, which were mostly empty.

Why proprietors are not disputing this ruling is beyond me.

And why the media are ignoring this is a disgrace to truth, humanity and the future of Australian Democracy and Freedom.

C Gray, Coutts Crossing