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Mayor Jim Simmons

Mayor suffers medical episode

Minutes after being re-elected to the position of mayor, Cr Jim Simmons suffered a medical episode and was attended to by paramedics and taken to hospital.

He had a more severe turn just before the full CVC meeting took place and, as a result, did not participate in the meeting, which was chaired by reinstated deputy mayor, Jason Kingsley.

Mayor Simmons first suffered some symptoms just prior to the commencement of the extraordinary meeting to elect the mayor and deputy mayor (and to establish memberships of various standing and community committees).

Speaking with the Independent on Monday September 28, Cr Simmons said he was released from hospital on Sunday.

He said he had been diagnosed as suffering from sugar diabetes and that he was recuperating at home.

“I don’t think will be too long till I’m back at work,” he said, “maybe one or two weeks.”

When asked if the strain and or stress might be too much, as several people have commented across various social media platforms, he said that they had no need to worry.

Further, he said he was “not worried” either.