May 15 is Grafton swimmers Presentation night

Last week it was obvious that members were still adjusting to conditions at the heated pool because of the number of disqualifications occurring.

A fraction of a second break can be understood but breaks of three and four seconds were being recorded and in many cases in the heats the swimmer who made it to the final happened to be the only one who hadn’t broken.

Terry Marsh, Jill Enks, David Moon, Tracey Hill and Damien O’Mahony swam well enough to reach the final of the 25m B B & B. Four of the five swimmers favoured breaststroke, but David decided on butterfly.

The first two to cover the distance were Marshy and Tracey but the timekeeper had them busting by 1.47 and .32 respectively. Marno was next home, and his time was good enough to score him the win with Moony taking second place and Jill third.

The 50m freestyle final was an all-male line-up consisting of Geoff Simkus, Steve Donnelly, David Moon, Richard Sear and Jake Kroehnert.

The handicapping system had the lads well separated for the first 25m but after that the field bunched closer together and for the last ten metres the swimmers speed really ramped up.

Searsy touched first followed by Geoff and then David but breaks of just under one second were registered for all three. Steve, the next one to touch was awarded the win with Jake taking second.

Yvonne Shorrock, a very consistent swimmer, seems to always manage a final and this week made it to the 25m freestyle final along with Terry Marsh, Doug Ensbey, Gary Dixon and Damien O’Mahony.

In less than 24 seconds the race was over and Marno was happy to claim his second win for the night touching out Gary who was only .09 away. Doug, also swimming within his nominated time was placed third.

Names are now being taken for Presentation night (May 15) so if you do wish to attend could you please contact Toni so numbers can be finalised.


Toni Ensbey