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Cultural performances by Garimaa Ngahri during the Prince Street Marketta on June 8 were widely praised by many in attendance. Image: Emma Pritchard

Marketta scores high marks with Clarence Valley community

Emma Pritchard

The Clarence Valley Independent spent time chatting with members of the public during the Prince Street Marketta on June 8.

Amidst the joviality of the occasion, we invited attendees to share their favourite moments with us and tell us how important local attractions like the Prince Street Marketta are to regional communities…

Maree Lynch: As a well-travelled grey nomad, I love coming along to these type of events whenever they’re being held in a regional township while I’m visiting. They really showcase what the local community is all about. They’re a great way for visitors like myself to support regional economies and regional tourism, especially during such turbulent financial circumstances while we’re all being affected by the cost of living crisis. I’ve loved watching the live performances, and I especially loved watching Lennox Monaghan and the Garimaa Ngahri dancers. They were magnificent.

Lissa Ryan: It was a great night out. There needs to be more events like this in Grafton because at the moment there are next to no settings which offer live entertainment where people can support local artists and performers. It was great to bring the kids along for a night out, listen to some great local talent up on the stage, and just come together as a community.

Ebony Dean: I loved watching the Eli Fahey Band and the Garimaa Ngahri performers. I also loved watching Lennox Monaghan and listening to him play the didgeridoo, he’s great. I think the best thing about events like the Prince Street Marketta is having the chance to share local talent and local culture with everyone in the community. People come together to have a good time in a safe and inclusive environment, and it really helps to life the profile of Grafton as well. I really hope the Prince Street Marketta is held again next year.

Tyrex Polsen: The best thing about the Prince Street Marketta was seeing how well supported it was by everyone in Grafton. It was really popular when it was held last year, and it was good to see lots of people support it again this year. It was really cool to hang out with my friends and listen to some good music. I think events like this one are important because they bring people together and everyone has a good time.