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What a surprise for Fay and a great occasion for residents of Mareeba. Image: contributed

Mareeba hosts surprise wedding

On a recent warm Saturday afternoon in Maclean, Mareeba Aged played host to an amazing event – a surprise wedding.

Picture Mareeba resident Fay McConville’s face when her daughter Jodie unexpectedly appeared, coming down the aisle in a beautiful white gown as the wedding ceremony began. There were tears of laughter, joy and surprise.

You see Jodie was determined to give her mother a special and beautiful day by marrying the love of her life Bernie at Mareeba.

The marriage took place under the gazebo at Mareeba overlooking the garden in a ceremony celebrated by Mareeba’s Chaplin Brett Rowe. In a personal touch the wedding vows were written by the bride and groom with their pledge to each other.

What followed was a wedding reception and feast at Mareeba for all to enjoy, where there were many more hugs and tears of joy that followed.

Director of Nursing Rachel Bennett said, “What an incredible honour for us to host this gorgeous wedding at Mareeba. The lasting joy it has brought to Fay, Mareeba’s residents and our staff, is priceless. It was such an inspirational idea to host the wedding and we all had to keep the wedding plans as a surprise for Fay… a memorable day.”