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The sign says no dogs on the beach, which largely means just the sand on the beach. It’s up to the operators of the surf club and kiosk whether or not they allow dogs on the land they occupy. Image: Geoff Helisma

Main Beach and dogs: what’s allowed, what’s not

Geoff Helisma


At last week’s November 23 Clarence Valley Council (CVC) meeting, Cr Deborah Novak asked for clarification regarding where dogs were permitted at Main Beach, Yamba, particularly in relation to the Yamba SLSC clubhouse and kiosk.

Councillors were discussing the draft Flinders Park Plan of Management (PoM).

Councillor Novak was acting on behalf of community members who raised concerns with her about dogs, on-and off-leash, near the kiosk.

The question was taken on notice; the Independent asked general manager Ashley Lindsay for clarification.

“Dogs are (currently) prohibited” on the actual beach, as they are at Tuners Beach, however, dogs are “allowed on the remainder of the Flinders Park reserve if on-leash”.

“The exception being within ten (10) metres of the kiosk (or any other area on the reserve where food may be prepared or eaten),” Mr Lindsay wrote in an emailed response.

Mr Lindsay wrote that it was at the kiosk operator’s discretion to include or exclude dogs in the dining area.

“However, if Council’s licence for the outdoor dining area associated with the operation of the kiosk does not exclude dogs, per se, or the kiosk operator does not exclude dogs, then dogs would be permitted in the outdoor dining area adjacent to the kiosk.”

In fact,  in day-to-day circumstances dogs (other than dangerous, menacing or restricted dogs) are permitted in outdoor dining areas provided the dog is on a leash and under the control of a competent person.

In relation to the surf lifesaving club, Mr Lindsay wrote: “The Yamba SLSC building and kiosk are owned by the Yamba SLSC.

“This means that the use and operation of the building is at the discretion [of the] Yamba SLSC Executive/Board (in accordance with any applicable legislation).

“They hold a licence for the use of the land on which this structure sits.

“If at some point in the future they no longer wish to renew their licence they either need to remove their building or donate it to the Crown.

“If the latter occurs it then becomes [CVC’s] responsibility on behalf of the Crown to manage under the PoM.