Maclean Ray White Triples teams

Just a reminder to all players that all roll ups must be first booked in with Jayson to ensure all procedures are followed and green availability. Also, players are to see Jayson or the bar when Jayson is not available, to get their equipment for roll ups.

Ray White Triples nominations are now finalised, and teams are: 1 – K. Garner, R. Madden, W. Nugent; 2 – A. Pyke, R. Booth, I. Conlan; 3 – C. Vagg, T. Bardsley, I. Parker; 4 – J. Pinnock, G. Pennell, L. Russell; 5 – S. Swain, B. Littlechild, G. Turner; 6 – N. Lyon, L. Miner, M. Day; 7 – J. McHutchison, N. Wilson, J. Johnson; 8 – G. Bowen, T. Collier, G. Hemmings; 9 – J. Hupfield, P. Hurst, G. Scott; 10 – S. Matheson, R. Austin, S. Colley; 11 – M. McCarthy, P. Owens, P. Youlten; 12 – B. Andrews, T. Cross, M. Wood; 13 – S Thompson, R. Farmer, W. Murray; 14 – G. Barden, G. Peel, B. Sorrenson; 15 – P. Smith, D. Wills, C. Adams; 16 – B. Pingel, R. Smidt, G. Johnson; 17 – S. Jackson, G. Meany, P. Forrester; 18 – J. McDonnell, L. Jones, P. Taylor; 19 – R. Mulville, S. Fell, B. McCarron; 20 – B. Hay, D. Blake, T. Mitchell; 21 – G. Collins, A. Martin, D. Pyne; 22 – D. Trevaskis, S. Preston, D. Hayer; 23 – D. Harman, I. Wills, D. Payne; 24. R. Gow, D. Perking, G. Hunter; 25 – J. Nash, J. Wilcock, P. Burnes    ; 26 – R. Wetzel, K. Frazer, W. Haselum.

Everyone is asked to be at the club ready for call of the cards at 8:45am on Saturday October 3.

Social bowls

Wednesday September 23

Winners – Rex Wiseman & Des Johnson; runners up – Jim Hannah & Jayson Pinnock.

Raffle: 1st John Wilcock, 2nd John McKay.

Crack the Safe: $850 – Jeff Newman – NOT WON.

Friday September 25

Winners – Pauline & Ray Ryan & Judy Parkes; runners up – Ray Davis, Barry Thomas & John Hupfield.

Raffle: 1st Chrissy, 2nd Bill McCarron.

Crack the Safe: $850 – Ray Davis – NOT WON.

Saturday September 26

Winners – Calin Hede & John Miller; runners up – Con Michalides, Fred Stair & Jim Shannon.

No Saturday social this week due to the Ray White Triples Tournament.

Saturday social will be back 10th October.

Crack the Safe Jackpot stands at $900 weekending 04/10/2020.

Comp draw

No comp till Club Triples.

Enjoy a couple of weeks of social bowls and all the best to our players competing in our Ray White Triples tournament and Yamba Classic Pairs tournament over the next couple of weeks.

Jason Pinnock