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Special guest piper Callum Beaumont

Maclean prepares for Highland Gathering

Special guest piper Callum Beaumont
Special guest piper Callum Beaumont


It’s that time of year once again when Maclean turns on all that’s Scottish, for the 112th Highland Gathering at Easter.
Special guest to this year’s event will be one of the worlds most sought after pipers, Callum Beaumont, from Scotland.
Mr Beaumont has had a long career in both solo and band environments and is the winner of some of the world’s most famous competitions in piping. He is also the youngest to have ever won the prestigious Clasp at the Northern Meetings (in Scotland) along with three World Pipe Band Championships.
He will be performing a recital at the Maclean Services Club on Easter Saturday evening, for anyone wanting to catch this world class piper.
Mr Beaumont is a guest judge for the A Grade piping and bands events along with Victorian judge Rob Bennett who will be the drumming adjudicator
Another guest flying in from overseas for this year’s Highland Games is Ted Hart from New Zealand.
Mr Hart is the organiser of the Highland Sports events in Waipu, New Zealand and the purpose of his visit is to assess the Highland Sports events here, in Australia.
The Highland Sports events is fast becoming a must do event in Maclean with many of the local fitness clubs donning a kilt and getting into some serious competition fun.
Momentum is fast growing with the games attracting more competitors testing out their strength and skills against their friends and family. The games are not just restricted to the men however as the ladies have several events in which to show off their skills also.
These games are open to the general public, so all you have to do is grab a few mates, find a kilt or something Scottish to wear and turn up at the Maclean Showground on Saturday morning after the street parade.
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