Maclean men’s golf

Saturday May 23 – single Stableford

A Grade winner – John Porter 41pts; r/up – Kris Thomsen 39pts on c/b; 3rd – Jackson Grieve (Grafton) 39pts.

B Grade winner – Dan Kelly 40pts; r/up – Heni Taranto 39pts; 3rd – Kylie Ryan 38pts.

Balls to 32 on c/b. The field was 100.

A new record has been set by Killer, hitting more trees than recording Stableford points. But unlike others in the group did not lose his cool.

Thursday May 21 – single Stableford

A Grade winner – Leigh Barrington 38pts; r/up – Bob Harvey 35pts.

B grade winner – Kevin Stokes 38pts; r/up – Scott Young (Iluka) 36pts.

Balls to 30 on c/s. Field of 65, but torrential rain caused some of the smarter players to quit halfway.

Phil Killian