Maclean men’s golf

The Saturday April 11 Single Medley Stableford winner in A Grade was Cash Robinson (Yamba) on 41pts, with r/up Danny Woldseth on 39pts. In 3rd was Andrew Harris (Yamba) on 38pts.

Winner in B Grade was Axel Kay on 42pts from Scott Young (Iluka) on 38pts. Third was Terry Mitchell on 37pts.

With a field of 84, the ball comp went to 33 on a c/b. Jackson Wright with a brilliant hybrid to one foot on the par 5 thirteenth claimed an eagle.

President Geoff Grayson reportedly had what is termed as a SHANK on the 5th hole Thursday April 9 Medley Stableford. The winner was John Stuckey (Elanora) 43pts from r/up Steve Cameron (Brasso) on 40pts (totally confusing the match committee by entering the whole score in the wrong column)

With a field of 34 the ball comp went to 32 on a c/b.

Phil Killian