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Photo taken during a previous MacMarkets prior to social distancing rules

Maclean Markets are back

The Maclean Lions Club will be kicking off the Maclean Markets once again on Saturday October 10, in the ‘back’ carpark in Centenary Drive, Maclean.

Lions Club spokesperson Denise Worrill said that they are hoping to have all their regular stall holders back at the markets once again.

“Because of the new way of doing business (due to COVID), some of our stall holders come from within the (Queensland border) “bubble”, so they may not be able to leave the bubble,” Denise said.

“We’re still looking for new stall holders, particularly schools and not for profit organisations who we’d like to see get some benefits from having a stall at the community market.

“When you come to the market this time you will see three entrances or exits and those attending are requested to move around the markets in a clockwise manner and that should keep everybody socially distanced and safe, by all moving in the same direction.

“There will be hand sanitiser at each of the entrance points and each market stall will have hand sanitisers and signage to remind you to go in a clockwise direction and we hope that we have a great day because we have been looking forward to getting back to the markets and making it an exciting day for Maclean locals,” she said.

The markets kick off from around 7am and go through until around lunchtime.

The markets are currently run by the Maclean Lions Club who hope to have the assistance of the Magpies football club down the track, to assist with the running of the market.

All funds raised from the market, go back into the community.