Triples victors (l-r) M Grimes, J Parkes and W Haselum.

Maclean ladies Triples and Fours Championships

We had a small turnout for Tuesday’s social bowls last week with the winners being C Power, R Fletcher, E O’Keefe, and L Bodycote.

Fours champions (l-r) C Byrum, M Stallard, B Owen and S Youlten.

For Thursday Scroungers we also had a small turnout with the 1st prize going to F. Stewart-Butcher and 2nd prize to C Power. The large bottle of wine went to C Young and the small bottle of wine went to P Essex. Well done everyone.

There is a change to our calendar, the first LJ Hooker day was to have been held next month but will now be held on Tuesday August 24. We have added another LJ Hooker day in November on Tuesday 23.

There is a coaching course to be held at Maclean Bowling Club on Saturday and Sunday September 25-26. For more information contact Jayson Pinnock or Fiona Stewart-Butcher at the Maclean Bowling Club.

The entry forms us up on the board for our Club Pairs Championships, so get your teams up now.

In the past two weeks, we have had some great bowls played at our club as we have held our Club Championship Fours and Triples. The finals were exceptional games with some high calibre of bowls played throughout both finals. The Club Fours final was played between C Byrum, M Stallard, S Youlten and Bev Owen and S Ferro, C Johnson, M Durante and P Ryan, with the victors being C Byrum’s team, while the Club Triples final was played between S Ferro, C Johnson & P Ryan and J Parkes, W Haselum & M Grimes, with the victors being J Parke’s team. Congratulations to all of the finals participants.


Lee McKay