Maclean ladies’ tennis back on the courts

Hooray back playing social competition on a Thursday at last, and although it was a bit chilly in the early part of the day, it turned out a nearly sunny day. After the instructions regarding cleaning, etc. of the COVID-19 play commenced. 

Some of the scores did not reflect the number of rallies that were played but all the ladies had a great day, including Connie who was firing her forehand with finesse.  
The results were:  McAulay – 6 sets 48 games to Donovan – 18 games and Anderson – 4 sets 35 games to McKenzie – 4 sets 38 games.  Debbie was the lucky raffle winner of the meat tray.

Next Thursday July 30, Anderson will play Mitchell’s team and McKenzie to play Donovan’s team, with McAulay having the bye.

To join as a fill-in, please contact Sue on 0408 353 503.

Prue Harrington