Maclean ladies tennis

Although there were warnings of rain during the morning, luckily it did not arrive, instead, it was a lovely day for tennis last Thursday, May 13. Again it is wonderful that there are ladies who are willing to fill in when needed. This week they were Nat, Kerry, and Jenny W.

Results: McAulay (42 games, 5 sets) won against McKenzie (26 games, 3 sets), and Mitchell )48 games, 8 sets) had a win over Neill (20 games).  Jeunesse was the lucky winner of the raffle. The teams to play this week, Thursday 20, will be Mitchell playing Dredge’s team and Neill’s to play McKenzie’s team. McAulay’s team will be on the bye. To join the ladies for the social competition or if you would prefer to be a reserve, we would love to hear from you. You can also meet some of the ladies on a Tuesday for just a social game. Both Tuesday and Thursday begin from 8.30 am. For more information, please contact Sue on 0408 353 503 or Prue on 0491 757 786.

Prue Harrington