Maclean ladies tennis

Summer (spring) is really here, a lovely warm sunny morning and at least there was only an occasional little breeze, so on the whole a great day for tennis.

The results for last week were: McKenzie (37 games 4 sets) went down by one game to Donovan’s team (38 games also 4 sets), and Anderson (48 games played Mitchell’s team (23 games). Thanks to Carol for filling in for Debbie. Prue was the lucky winner of the beautiful fruit tray, thanks again to Robbie.

The teams for play this week, Thursday 10 are McKenzie v McAulay, and Donovan v Mitchell, with team Anderson to have the bye.

If you are wanting some tennis, social or competition, the Club has it on most days. For information on a Thursday, contact Sue on 0408 353 503 or Prue on 0491 757 786.

Prue Harrington