Maclean ladies tennis

It was another lovely, mainly sunny day of tennis after a cool start.

The scores for the day (Thursday June13): Donovan (3 sets, 33 games) lost to McAulay (5 sets, 38 games), thanks to Wendy O’B for filling-in; Harrington (4 sets, 35 games) had a very close day defeating Neill (4 sets, 33 games). Anne did have a win, by having the winning raffle ticket for the voucher of a lovely meat tray. 

The teams for tomorrow Thursday June 20 will be, Bruggy to play Neill’s team and Donovan playing Harrington’s team. Harrington’s team will be the duty team, and McAulay’s team will have the bye, if needed may be available to reserve. If you would like to be a reserve, ring Sue on 0408 353 303.

Prue Harrington