Maclean High tennis squad narrow loss

The MHS boys’ tennis team (pictured) had a competitive loss in the Stan Jones Cup CHS knockout tennis tournament to Alstonville on Thursday May 3.

The team consisting of Harry Pye, Cameron Ryan, Clay Penman and new recruit Matthew Taylor fought defiantly through the first doubles and singles matches but came up short against some quality opponents. Finding themselves behind 5 sets down after two doubles and three singles sets with no way to make an overall comeback allowed a more freewheeling approach from Clay in his singles match which payed dividends with our first singles win. This approach was applied by the reverse doubles pairings of Harry and Ryan and Matt and Clay with both teams walking away with hard fought wins. The match finished five sets to three, with Alstonville’s dominant display in the early sets being the difference.

Thanks go to Alan Jurd and the Lower Clarence Tennis Club for their support.