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Maclean helipad update

Geoff Helisma |

Reconstruction of the helipad at Maclean District Hospital is set to commence on July 4, according to Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis’s office.

Previously, in March this year, a Northern NSW Area Health District representative advised that the helipad would be completed by the end of June or early July.

The old helipad was decommissioned in May 2017, following restructuring of the state’s helicopter rescue services – a subsequent safety audit found the existing helipad “did not meet new safety engineering guidelines”.

The NSW Government is contributing $400,000 towards the helipad’s construction.

A Maclean couple, the late Merv and Yuki Sheehan, donated $350,000 towards the helipad’s reconstruction through their deceased estate’s trustee.

“The offer was made to partly complete construction of the helipad, on the basis that the NSW Government pays the rest,” the trustee has previously said.

“The program currently estimates the works being complete by 27th September,” Mr Gulaptis’s office said.