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Maclean graded Triples Tournament

General news

Travelling Bowlers trip is booked for Ocean Shores on Sunday, June 27. Check the noticeboard for details. Also read the notice regarding Travelling Bowlers membership. This trip to Ocean Shores does NOT require you to be a member of the Travelling Bowlers group but all trips after June 30 will require membership. All players that have their names down already can they please pay their $10 fee at the bar and hand receipt to me to secure their spot.

‘Rookies’ nominations are open. This is a concept designed for new bowlers less than 30 months registered. Please see Jayson in regard to eligibility and entry details and format.

Mixed pairs nominations close Wednesday, June 16. Can all players please pay their nomination fee. Sectional play commences Saturday June 26 at 9:30pm.


Our Open-graded Triples was held on Saturday, June 5 with teams from Sawtell, Inverloch, Yamba, Iluka, Maclean, Park Beach, Grafton & Red Rock. A full field of 26 teams battled it out for the $2400 prizemoney.

The tournament was set up as a handicapped event where teams had to qualify by entering with a minimum points system based on their Pennant gradings. This provided a much more even competition for all players.

They played four rounds of two bowl triples over 12 ends with powerplays introduced to spice it up. Powerplays are a nominated end whereby the team nominating the power play can score double their shots on that end if they score. If they don’t score, then they forfeit their powerplay for that match. Quite a tactical move depending on the situation in each match.

In the end, we got our top five prize winners:

1st – $900:  Jake McHutchison, Nathan Wilson & Jayson Pinnock

2nd – $600: Ian Brown, Doug & Bruce Caldwell

3rd – $450: John Connell, John Nash & Jim Johnson

4th – $300: Doug Burnes, Col Curnow & Jackie Law

5th – $150: Michael Bailey, Terry Johnson & Tracey Jenner


A big thank you to our umpires of the day Maureen Grimes & Wendy Haselum also to Di Starr for assisting with the score sheet and paperwork.

Nominations are open for our Ray Miller Mens’ Triples tournament on Saturday July 10. $3000 prizemoney and $30 entry per player. Ring Jayson on 0429 506 606 or email [email protected] to enter.

Comp results

Minor Singles Rd 1

Fred Stair d Ken Crampton 31/26; Rob Wetzel d Kevin Johnson 31/17; Jim Hannah d Jim Raven 31/29.

Minor Singles Rd 2

Fred Stair d Dave Pearcey 31/18; Garry Montgomery d Nathan Wilson 31/18; Rob Wetzel d Bill McCarron 31/12; Jim Hannah d Rod Ellis 31/30.

Comp draw

Saturday June 19 at 12:45pm

Major Singles FINAL

Doug Starr v Jim Mills marker TBA.

Minor Singles semi finals

Fred Stair v Garry Montgomery marker (Dave Pearcey); Rob Wetzel v Jim Hannah marker (Bill McCarron).

Saturday June 20 at 12:45pm

Minor Singles FINAL

Winner semi 1 vs winner semi 2 (marker TBA).

Social bowls

Wednesday 1pm

Winners – Liz & Dave Pearcey; runners up – Barry Carr & Fred Stair.

Raffle: 1st Liane Kay; 2nd Jim Hannah.

Safe: $150 – Kevin Johnson – NOT WON.

Friday 1pm

Winners – Jim Hannah, John Nash & Rob Wetzel; runners up – John Miller, Terry Radford & John McKay.

Raffle: 1st Scott Fell; 2nd Ray Davis.

Safe: $150 – Liz Pearcey– NOT WON.

Crack The Safe Jackpot stands at $200 weekending 20/06/2021.

Social bowls times

Tuesday – 9:30am

Wednesday – 1pm

Thursday – 9:30am

Friday – 1pm


Jayson Pinnock