Maclean golf results

Saturday May 2 – Stroke/Monthly Medal

A Grade winner – Mark Phillips (Yamba) 69; r/up – A Cowling 71 (monthly medal and mug winner); 3rd – A Clarke 71

B Grade winner – T Dubelaar 68(Carbrook); r/up – R Parker 73 (monthly medal winner); 3rd – D Kelly 74. There was a great shot on the 12th

by T Dubelaar with an 8 iron for eagle.

There was a field 100.

Thursday April 30 – Medley Stableford

A Grade winner – B Harvey 39pts; r/up – A Cowling 39pts.

B Grade winner – J Roberts 39pts; r/up B – G Cox 38pts.

There was a field 62.

The board of directors and members of Maclean Golf Club offer their sincere condolences to the McFarlane family on their tragic loss.

Phil Killian