Maclean do you ever sleep?


Well my husband and I have moved down here from the coast and have been here for about a month now. We sold up and came for a better peaceful, relaxing life.       

Life so far in Maclean has been all that and the people have been friendly and welcoming….but!                          

Yes there is…. a but! Since we have been here we cannot believe the sound of the lorikeets that fly and squawk every evening and all night and again in the mornings. 

Do they ever sleep? Maclean people, do you ever sleep with the noise of these local flocks? I can’t, and either can my husband. I just hope this is a seasonal occurrence and not an all year thing. It is driving me bonkers! I am sleep deprived! Any suggestions will be much appreciated?

And yes I have closed all doors and windows. Thanks…a new local.

Annette Nye, Maclean