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Maclean & District Bowls

As this will be my final report for the year, I wish all fellow bowlers and readers a very safe and merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Our annual Champions presentation night (Tuesday 15) will be finalised by the time this goes to print.
Those to be presented on Tuesday night will be all the Championship winners and runners-up for 2015. They are:
Open A Singles: winner – Don Plummer, r/up – Jim Shannon; B Grade Singles: winner – Cliff Vagg, r/up – Steve Fuller; C Grade Singles: winner – Mick Catling, r/up – Kevin Johnson; Fours: winners – Mick Fuss, Rex Wiseman, Leo Wood & Jim Shannon, runners up – John Nash, Tom Cross, Jim Mills & Doug Starr; Triples: winners – Ron Mulville, Jeff Miller & Bill McCarron, runners up – John Nash, Ron Smidt & Gary Scott; Pairs: winners – Jim Johnson & Don Plummer, runners up – Allan & Rod Madden; Minor Pairs: winners – Mick Fuss & Tom Cross, runners up – Tom Pendergast & Steve Fuller; Mixed Pairs: winners – Rex Wiseman & Sandra Ferro, runners up – Diana & Doug Starr; Mixed Triples: winners – Cliff Vagg, Suzi Rogers & Trevor Govey, runners up – Sandra Ferro, Ron Smidt & Steve Jackson; Mixed Fours: winners – John Nash, Sally Squires, Sandra Ferro & John Deale, runners up – Ron Mulville, Joyce Cotton, Val Daniels & Bill McCarron.
Please keep an eye on the notice board for other events that will be taking place over the coming Christmas period. I will return with the first report for 2016 in the second week of the year.
A safe and happy holiday break to you all.