Community News

Maclean CWA

June was the meeting for bringing together what we have studied and learned about Mongolia, our country of study for 2016. Following the business meeting members enjoyed a lunch of Mongolian recipes such as Buuz, small meat and veg filled dumplings and Tsuivan, a stew of meat and veg. Although mutton is the meat mostly eaten by nomadic Mongolian people in the Gobi desert, this was replaced with lamb by choice. The food was delicious and educational.
We were all enthralled by the movie “Story of the Weeping Camel”. A tale of a nomadic Mongolian family of three generations living in yurts in the Gobi desert. Their camels and goats are integral to their daily lives and when a camel has a difficult birth and the baby’s life is in danger the story places the viewer in a culture on the other side of the world. Highly recommended viewing for learning and enjoyment.
Our next meeting is our annual soup day on July 13. Come and enjoy home made soup with bread and home made slice for $8. Eat in or take away and we will be taking orders around the CBD and delivering on Wednesday to work places.
It will be a treat in the middle of winter.
Erin Molloy