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Maclean couple celebrate 60th wedding anniversary

Mary and James Pound with their son Martin, celebrate a joint mother/son birthday at the Harwood Hotel in 2015. Image: Lynne Mowbray. Inset: James and Mary Pound on their wedding day in 1957. Image: Contributed.

Mary and James Pound of Maclean will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary, on Saturday, April 22.
The couple married at St Steventon’s church, North Worthington in England in 1957.
The family immigrated to Australia about 10 years later.
The youngest of their three sons, Martin, has travelled up from Tumut to celebrate the special occasion with his parents.
Martin said that during those first years in Australia, his father worked on several farms, before the family moved to Tumut.
“Dad got a job in the local softwood timber mill and I was lucky enough to have worked alongside him for about 10 years,” said Martin.
“He was a great work mate and is a fantastic father.
“Mum also worked at various jobs during that time.
“Dad had a great work ethic and would rather go to work sick than let anyone down.
“Dad is my hero – my superman.”
About 20 years ago the couple moved to Maclean to retire, as they had heard that it was a better climate for the elderly.
Martin said that his parents have always stuck together through thick and thin and if one was sick the other one was always right there.
“They are good kind hearted people who will always try and cheer up others, even if they are not well themselves.
“They still hold hands and give each other a kiss,” he said with a smile.
According to Martin, his parents could probably attribute the longevity of their marriage to one of their mottos; [to] ‘Never let the sun go down on an argument’.